Things people ask us

About our yogurts

Where can I buy them?

They’re available in major retailers nationwide from 13th January 2020. To find out exactly where you can buy them, check out the where to buy page:

Do they contain added sugar?

No. Our yogurts contain naturally occurring sugars from the milk and fruit layer with no added sugars or sweeteners. It’s how we think yogurt should taste… thick and creamy but not too sweet.

Do they contain sweeteners?

No. There aren’t any added sweeteners at all. All the sweetness is coming from the milk and fruit layer, that’s the signature of the Danone range.

What does “Simply what matters” mean?

“Simply What Matters” means we have only included ingredients in our products which we feel are really essential to making a delicious yogurt. Because of our expertise with cultures we don’t need to have added sugar, sweeteners or other additives in the products.

Are they suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our yogurts are suitable for vegetarians. Please check each label individually.

Do they have any allergens?

The only allergen in our yogurts is cow’s milk (kind of crucial to a yogurt!). Please check each label individually.

Can children eat them?

Yes, children from 3 years old can eat them, so the whole family can dig in and enjoy – even your little fuss pots.


What does B Corp™ mean?

In a nutshell, B Corp is a community of companies with a common goal: To use business as a force for good. It’s an external recognition of all we do for families, communities and the planet. After all, what matters more? You can find out more here:

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of our pots, cardboard & plastic lids are 100% recyclable. Click here to view the full breakdown.

As pouches are made from a mix of materials they need to be recycled in a special way with TerraCycle®, click here to find out how. In addition to this we are working to develop a pouch which is recycled through home collections.

Currently the film lids (the ones you peel off) are not widely recycled even though they are made of the same material as the pots. This is because the recycling sorting facilities in the UK are not able to separate them but we’re busy working on improving this situation with our partners.

How do I recycle the kids pouches?

To recycle our kids pouches all you need to do is drop them off at one of our TerraCycle® drop off points. To find out where your nearest one is click here.

What do TerraCycle® do with the kids pouches?

TerraCycle® collect all the pouches that you drop off at collection points around the country and then recycle them into useful products like picnic benches, watering cans and even playground equipment. For more information visit their website: